Friday, December 12, 2008

December 1, 2008

RINGOES, N.J. -- A medical marvel in more ways than one, Tashi the kitten was born with a congenital spinal chord condition that paralyzed his hind legs. But Tashi, unaware of his handicap, is still making every effort to walk.

Rescued from a feral cat colony in Ohio, nearly 6-month-old Tashi recently arrived at Tabby's Place, a cage-free cat sanctuary in Ringoes.

"Everyone was very excited about Tashi coming," said Tabby's Place founder, Jonathan Rosenberg.

Tabby's Place specializes in finding homes for cats in desperate circumstances. If not placed, cats like Tashi can remain at the New Jersey facility for life.

Tabby's Place founder Jonathan Rosenberg and I have something in common: we both lost our beloved tabby cats to cancer. My cat's struggle with cancer is chronicled in this blog. His cat's name? Tabby!

I'm thankful that Tabby's Place exists to be good stewards of the companion animals that God has given us. I support Tabby's Place financially because they do what I cannot: help cats in hopeless situations. Will you consider doing the same?