Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Just an update: Lately, I've been haunting myself with thoughts like, "Just this time last year Biz was really starting to decline," and "Oh, the one year anniversary of Biz's death is approaching on Sept. 15. How will I handle it?"

I suppose all of this is normal, since I still think every year on June 21 and March 23 about my Dad's Birthday and day of death, respectively, so it's natural that I would have similar thoughts about anniversary dates having to do with my beloved Biz.

I still miss Biz dearly from time to time, but I'm still thankful to have Zadie and Zach. ~2 year old Zadie became our new kitty three months after Biz died, and has become a play partner with ~10 year old Zach, who basically tolerated Biz and vice-versa.

Many thanks to those of you who have written over the last year to share your stories of your struggles with your cats with cancer. Your love and concern for your feline friends/family members shines through your pain. May God grant you shalom/peace.