Tuesday, July 05, 2005

As you read through my blog about Biz, my cat who had SCC (Squamous Cell Carcinoma), you'll also find out that Biz's companion, Zach, succumbed to some kind of blood cancer in Nov, 2004.

But I want you to also know that life does go on and you can heal from the loss of your beloved!

While I cherish the memories of Biz and Zach and still mourn their loss even today, I've been blessed with two new kitties (one of which is already listed in another posting - her name is Zadie) and now Zadie has Zeb for companionship.

Check out Zeb's picture:

Zeb and Zadie like to hang out together and they bring joy to our household. Life after Biz at first was very hard, but I want to encourage you that one day, maybe not too far away, you can walk out on the other side of the pain and share your heart with a new beloved kitty (or kitties)!

Here's Zeb and Zadie together: