Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Our new "kitty buddy," Zadie, and our older cat, Zach, are really getting along pretty well. They both have relatively laid-back personalities and after a few days of Zach growling and hissing at Zadie, they pretty much have settled down into small spats here and there. Zach doesn't even hiss or growl anymore.

Zadie is rather playful, and Zach, being 9 years old, seems to curiously watch Zadie while she plays, but he does not join in. Hopefully, Zach will revive some of his kitten-ness and get some exercise with Zadie!

I went out to Biz's grave a couple of days ago to "let her know" that it's working out OK with Zadie and Zach. Of course, I don't believe that Biz could "hear me," or respond in any way; it was really just for me to bring a little more closure to Biz's death. She will always have a very special place in my heart.

Happy New Year!