Friday, December 13, 2002

We were blessed today to come home with a "kitty buddy" for Zach. Her name is "Zadie," which is a diminutive form of Sarah, who of course was Abraham's wife. Sarah means "princess," and Zadie definitely fits the bill!

To see a picture of our lovely Zadie, and her coat of many colors, please click here. She is about 1.5 years old and weighs ~ 8.5 pounds. We got her at the Knox County Animal Shelter satellite adoption center. She was a stray that was trapped by a private citizen and brought to the shelter. The cost was $75, and included spaying, shots except rabies, test for Feline leukemia and AIDS (FIV), and a microchip so she could be located if she gets out.

We now start another chapter in the life of our household. It's been three months since I lost Biz, and it was definitely time for both Zach and me to get a new cat. A long, careful introduction process will be our next course of action.

Welcome Zadie! I think Biz would approve.

Monday, December 09, 2002

Just a quick update...our "left behind" cat, Zach, seems to really be craving companionship. It's been almost three months since we lost Biz, and we're thinking seriously about finding a new cat. I don't think I could get another grey tabby, so we're looking for a young female tortishell/calico. Our local shelter and have pictures of cats (and dogs) ready for adoption, but it's hard to even look at them on the 'Net, much less go visit in person, because I want to take ALL of them home...!

Meanwhile, those of you who have lost cats to SCC may want to consider donating a memorial to Tabby's Place, an under-construction shelter in central New Jersey for homeless cats who are on "death row." At least go by and check out this wonderful website!